Language for society


In cooperation with LUCL en LUCAS, Het Taalmuseum presented the exhibition De zin van taal | Language for society. This exhibition presented a cross-section of language research in Leiden. It wass on display at the Old University Library, Rapenburg 70, from September to November 2018.

Contemporary issues


Questions surrounding identity, digitalization, health and innovation receive much public attention and determine the news and public debate. In the bilingual exposition De zin van taal | Language for society, Het Taalmuseum shows how research on language and culture can enrich such debates.

Photos and interviews
The exposition consists of photos by photographer Thalia de Jong, who visualized social issues to which language scholars make a contribution, and a free magazine with articles and interviews. The exhibition De zin van taal | Language for society is realized by commission of the research institutes Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) and Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS).

Our first exploration can be found in the bilangual magazine De zin van taal | Language for society. A printed version can be collected for free when visiting the exposition. A digital edition is available for downloading HERE (.pdf).

Think along!
De zin van taal | Language for society is the first exploration of how language researchers shed light on contemporary issues. It goes without saying that this contribution is much bigger than our selection. For this reason, we will continue to collect examples of language research contributing to contemporary issues and the conversation on our future. Will you help us? Share your findings via!