Wall poem stories Website filled with stories

In 1992, Leiden was surprised by its first wall poem. By now, more than 120 wall poems in over 30 languages can be found all over the city. In order to preserve this collection and make it accessible to the public, Het Taalmuseum and the TEGEN-BEELD Foundation developed a new website: Here, you can listen to all poems, look up more information about them and their authors, and find our tours by foot and bike routes along the wall poems.

About one hundred volunteers, students, interns, translators, scholars and other poetry lovers went looking for stories and background information. They did research on the poets, collected photos and recorded the poems. The result is a comprehensive website with a unique collection of poetry. Moreover, the website is being expanded with material for educational purposes and with stories by residents of and visitors to Leiden.

Exhibition: when walls speak

For our new website, photographer Patricia Nauta, theater producer Erik Siebel and filmmaker Leendert Beekman went looking for urban stories about the wall poems. They talked with initiators, residents of houses with a poem, neighbors and enthusiasts. From 9 June to 15 July 2018, their stories could be read and heard at the exhibition When walls speak at Old School at the Pieterskerkhof, Leiden. From 31 October to 18 January, the exhibition was on display in the Stadhuis Leiden. 

The exhibition used word and image to tell the stories of the wall poems, the city and the language. The best stories are also available at

Wanted: teachers

Of course, we cannot forget about teaching material for both primary and secondary education. Are you a teaching professional and willing to help us? Please contact us.