Het Taalmuseum is a network organization that brings together various parties involved with language. The Taalmuseum Foundation (Stichting Taalmuseum Leiden) consists of a supervisory board, an editorial board (both of which unremunerated) and a fluctuating group of contributors.

Supervisory board


Erik Schilp (Bestuur / Board)

Project employees

  • Anton Kos (tekst & redactie / content & editor)
  • Hannah Bakx (projectmanager / project management)
  • Roos Hamelink (communicatie & projectmanager / communication & project management)
  • Robin Stam (vormgeving / design)

Editorial board

The composition of the editorial board varies on an annual basis. The current members are: 
Jenny Audring, Maghiel van Crevel, Olga Crapels, Gijs van Es, Ton van Haaften, Bernhard Hommel, Nivja de Jong, Alwin Kloekhorst, Erik Kwakkel, Claartje Levelt, Maarten Mous, Gert Oostindie, Niels Schiller, Thony Visser, Jeroen Wiedenhof, Aphroditi Zoulfoukaridis.

Remuneration policy

The members of the board of the Taalmuseum Foundation do not receive remuneration of any sort for their activities in the capacity of board member. This also applies to the members of the editorial board. Expenses as part of the exercise of the board membership are covered, unless they are excessive.

Het Taalmuseum does not employ personnel. The museum works with a core team of freelancers and attracts specific freelance employees for every project. The remuneration policy is in line with the the Cultural Governance Code (Governance Code Cultuur) and the Dutch Standards for Remuneration Act (Wet normering bezoldiging topfunctionarissen publieke en semipublieke sector; WNT). Het Taalmuseum applies an annual compensation ceiling of € 50,000 per freelancer.

Annual reports

You can download the annual report of 2016 here (only available in Dutch).
You can download the annual report of 2017 here (only available in Dutch).
You can download the annual report of 2018 here (only available in Dutch).

About this website

This website was translated into English by Emma Knapper and Jasmijn van Dongen, students of the Leiden University MA program Translation in Theory and Practice.