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Language belongs to all of us. Language forms the first sentence we utter as well as our last words. Language is the meaning we give to the world, and sometimes – certainly not always – it is the beginning of something beautiful. Language is in everything and everywhere, with its universal laws and individual differences.

The Language Museum allows visitors to experience all that language is. We show how languages ​​sometimes differ, the way gestures and speech work together and how this is related to not only the development of languages ​​in general, but of cultures as well. We never do this in a pedantic manner, but with a scientific basis. It makes us a leading institution in our field.

We challenge you to get to work, and to experience what language can be and do. We do this with a collection full of language, from computer language to slang, and from visual language to syntax. Language is everywhere, especially in our small exhibitions that stimulate you to look at language the way you look at a museum piece.

Interaction is what brings language to life. Interaction is the reason we want to express ourselves. How we do so around the world is the domain of the Language Museum.

In the Language Museum you become just as curious about language, language variants, language developments and language idiosyncrasies as we are. Ultimately, you too can be captured in language.

The Language Museum. We speak your language.

Our goal

Through various online and offline channels, we want to showcase as much language variation as possible, in and outside the Netherlands. In this, we collaborate with language users, students, scholars and fellow heritage institutions. In doing so, we want to contribute to making the public see the world with more interest and compassion; recognizing mutual similarities and embracing differences between languages and thus culture.


Stichting Taalmuseum Leiden was founded in 2016 (KvK 65319257). The management is in the hands of Fresco Sam-Sin. The Taalmuseum has a Supervisory Board with Prof. Dr Dirk van Delft as its chairman. Members are Prof. Dr Lisa Cheng, and Hans van der Meij and Eline Overkleeft.

Ai Ling Kloprogge, Amber Jones (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences) and Max Blom (Leiden University) are part of our team, helping the museum grow.


Since 2023, the Language Museum has been working with memberships. Affiliated members are: Erasmus University Library, Leiden University Center for Linguistics and Leiden Kennisstad. A membership means that Het Taalmuseum will work for your institute to realize beautiful exhibitions and events, to bring about unexpected collaborations and to interest an audience for your knowledge and skills.

In 2022 and 2023 we were also able to work for the Manchu Foundation, Things That Talk, Anchoring Innovation, Amerpodia and the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. We also worked together with Utrecht University, Anton de Kom University, NINO, National Museum of Antiquities, Museum Volkenkunde, BplusC and the Kenk-i Foundation.


Het Taalmuseum organizes activities in public space and does not have its own museum building. Our office is at Stationsplein 107, 2312 AJ Leiden, Leiden. Mail to

Financial information

Fiscal code: 856064051
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 65319257
VAT number: NL856064051B01
Bank account number: NL75RABO0331870819 in the name of Stichting Taalmuseum Leiden.

Since 1 January 2017, the Taalmuseum Foundation is regarded as a Culturele ANBI (Public Cultural Benefit Organization).